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Road Trippin' Yaya, it is.

When I first decided to start this blog, it was to help mamas like myself who loved to travel, continue travelling on a budget, with their "broke bestie(s)".

A little background..."Pre-Yaya" my husband (Mike), and I lived for cheap "vacas" and amazing deals. We are not lavish vacationers. We've always been the "ballin on a budget" couple. From Miami to New Orleans, to Mexico, to Vegas, LA, to Saint Marten, to Dubai, DUBAI! We went to Dubai on a budget, ya'll.

Fast forward to a few years later, and we were expecting our sweet Yaya! We had to cram a few vacations before Yaya got here, since we couldn't travel anymore once she got here. Or, at least that's what everyone kept telling us. "Live it up because once she gets here, it's over". So, there I was booking Miami, Tampa, LA, and Bermuda all before she got here and our "life was over".

Three months after she got here, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to book our first flight to Florida. It was a 2.5 hour flight from DC.... I figured we would start small. Mike thought I was insane, until my mom agreed to go with us. There I was, researching how to fly with a three month old, while still nursing. How in the world can I take my pump, our luggage, stroller, car seat...our whole life with us on a flight? What is even allowed on a flight? Do I really need to pay extra for all of these things? Will her ears pop? Is it even sanitary to take her? I had to look at several different websites, and get advice from friends. I quickly learned that most airlines are very accommodating, and you will totally be okay. That baby will most likely just sleep, and wake up refreshed.

After that trip, I felt like I had mastered travelling with a baby, so the Lee's were back to travelling per usual. We went to Puerto Rico, Florida a few times, and California. I kept getting questions from friends, and realized how time consuming it really is to research "how to easily travel with a baby". "cheap flights to Florida with a baby", "family friendly hotels in Puerto Rico". My sister in law suggested I start a travel blog. Great idea I thought, "Yaya Travels".

We had so many International vacations planned for 2020, but then COVID happened (insert eye roll). That is how we settled on 'Road Trippin' Yaya. Just because we can't fly, doesn't mean we can't safely take road trips.

I can't wait to share our experiences, and hope you enjoy reading about our family trips, and learn some new tips. As always, I am open to questions, and of course feedback and ideas because we are ALWAYS learning something new travelling with a toddler!

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