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Healing in Chania, Crete

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I’ve never been the type to spend my holidays lying around and sunbathing, I much prefer to get out and do something, experience the local culture, see the sights and explore all the hidden gems. But this trip was different. People travel for all different kinds of reasons.  Travel for fun, travel for romance, travel for food, travel to escape, …

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6 Reasons Why Travel is the Best Cure for a Broken Heart

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Nothing hurts quite like a broken heart does.  It's a unique and cruel kind of suffering that has the ability to drive you mad.  But unlike other injuries, broken hearts will always heal, and travelling is a springboard to that healing process.  Here are five reasons why: 1. It puts everything into perspective I’ve spoken before about how travel puts ...
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Munich Food Porn

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There is a lot to see and do in Munich, but I probably spent about about 80% of my time in the city eating.  I would genuinely move there just for the food.  But instead of talking about the Munich food scene, I will let the pictures do all the talking... Freshly baked pretzels Bavarian meat platter New Year 'Lucky ...
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2015 – In Pictures

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At the end of last year I wrote a post about 10 Things I Learned in 2014.   While that post was some serious food for thought, I figured this year I would reflect in a slightly lighter way.  So here is a review, in pictures, of one hell of a year! I visited the wonderful city of Dublin, danced the night ...
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The Liebster Award

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A massive thank you to Kelsey from Wend Away Travel for nominating me for The Liebster Award. For non-blog readers, the Liebster is a bloggy award created by bloggy people.  Does that help? So I am to answer the questions and then make my own nominations for the award.  I don't normally like these kind of things but you can't say ...